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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do the loyalty points work?
    5 loyalty points are given for every $1 spent in the shop. You can check your point balance in your account under rewards. These points can be used to redeem monetary store discounts, but primarily they are for pin exclusive releases. These pins are only obtained through point redemption! You can find which pin rewards are available in the Point Rewards product collection, and more details about the reward products can be found in Instagram highlights. Pin exclusives will always be listed with the point price of: 3250 = Retail cost ($115 + shipping) 4250 = Free (shipping not included) Please note, while you can redeem your points for discounts and physical pin rewards, these points have no actual monetary value and can be discontinued without notice or further compensation at the discretion of Pinchantress.
  • What is your refund/exchange policy?
    Refunds will always be granted if requested, however there will be penalties associated with certain refunds to deter habitual behavior. The following refund requests will result in a 3-month shop ban penalty: - Requesting a refund of a new product release. Pinchantress encourages the community engagement of "drop buddying", however if you and your drop buddy both purchase the same pin at drop, it is your responsibility to have a plan. It is unfair to both Pinchantress and other customers to abuse product stock by drop buddying and refunding. Unfortunately, it has to be assumed refund requests during new drop periods are due to drop buddying and so all will be treated as such. - Purchasing a preorder pin and asking for a refund before the community's generally accepted 6-month pin production timeline. To reiterate, asking for a refund in either of these scenarios will result in a temporary loss of shop privileges. In the event of receiving a damaged pin, or a pin that the customer feels is outside the purchased grade's policy, a return label will be issued and a replacement will be given if stock permits. If there is no stock to replace, then a return for refund will be granted. For cancellations on ANY order, there will be a 5% restocking fee. This covers the fees incurred from accidental purchases/refunds.
  • What is your pin grading policy?
    All pins are hand-made in Kunshan, China. Almost every step of the pin manufacturing process is handled by a person, not a machine. So understand that a "flawless" pin is nearly impossible to acquire. So this is the general outline of how I grade each pin: A Grades are considered the "standard" grade acceptable for presale buyers and premium pricing. These have the least amount of flaws, and never have flaws such as missing enamel, deep scratches, miscolors, misprint, etc. A grades may have flaws that can only be seen by tilting under a lightsource, or cannot be seen once held at arms length. B grades, or "seconds", will have minor flaws that do not effect the beauty of a pin on display. These may be surface scratches or scuffs, specks, bubbles, or pinprick. C grades, or flawed pins, may have multiple of the flaws outlined in B grades, more noticeable damage like punctures, or a face flaw such as minor misprint or imperfect enamel. I will not sell pins that are badly damaged, especially in the face, so these flaws shouldn't be a massive distraction from the overall pin. The back of the pin is not considered in the grading process, unless it doesn't have a post or the post is not functional. In this case, the pin doesn't fit the grading criteria above and will be discounted accordingly if sold. If a pin is antique plated, antique plating results in a different texture to the finished product. Traditionally, pins are shiny polished. Antique pins look and feel matte. This is not a flaw. This plating style is especially harsh on enamel, and they will have slight discoloring. Any pins badly damaged by discoloring will not be sold. C grades consist of the regularly addressed grading issues and/or texture problems from the antiquing process.
  • How long will a preorder take to complete and ship?
    Production times can vary due these products being handmade. Factors such as size, complexity, and general error can delay production. However, most pins are completed and shipped from the factory in a 3-5 month period, then take 2-3 days to ship from Pinchantress to customers. It is rare that a pin takes longer than 6 months, however if a pin extends past a 6 month period, customers are welcome to request a refund and forfeit the preordered pin if preferred.
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